By using the Automated Calling System 'Docket' it is possible to drastically reduce personnel expenses and advertising expenses such for activities such as surveys and recalls; and to improve sales efficiency. Our client are using it for election surveys and product announcements. We will automatically call your client lists, present the message or questions you record and tally the responses with the DTMF entered by the called party. The results are collected in the database and immediately available to you. The reports are customizable, please let us your specific requirements. It is the best survey method for customers who want results as soon as possible.

Using our portal site, you set the questions, upload the audio, and set the calling in motion.

List: Customer will be prepared. Question length: There are no particular restrictions, but customers are required to include an initial greeting. Payment method: Please prepay as 50% of the number of calls you wish to receive as an expected number of incoming calls.