One connection. More flexibility. Save on overhead.

Multi-Carrier Aggregate Trunking can bring you all that. And more!

Consolidate multiple carriers into one connection. Save up to 58% on telecommunications overhead.

Multi-Carrier Aggregate Trunking (MCAT) takes multiple telephone carriers and combines them in a single SIP trunk. You may currently be using a few providers. They may even offer SIP lines. But usually you need to have multiple connections installed in your office to use different carriers. Sound familiar? MCAT already has connectivity to major providers nationwide (and many others!), so all you need is a single connection with INVITE and you can use multiple carriers with the cost and convenience of one.

Can’t reduce your costs because you’re stuck with a carrier? We will take over your contract!

INVITE provides the service offered by any Japanese carrier. While we don’t have every carrier installed, we can add carriers based on your requirements. With INVITE, there is no commitment to a specific carrier. But you say you already have a one or two-year contract with another provider? No problem. We can take ownership of your exiting contract for the remaining term and negotiate lower rates.
Note: You do need a contract with INVITE for the remainder of your existing contract.

Get flexibility to modify your capacity. Enjoy the lowest rates without additional overhead.

MCAT also provides flexible capacity. Your call volume may vary depending on seasonal needs. You may suddenly need to increase your capacity when that new contract kicks in with a marketing firm. Adding lines with major providers may take months. Not an issue with INVITE. With INVITE, you can increase your call volume from 500 calls an hour to 1000 calls an hour, or decrease it from 500 calls an hour to 100 calls an hour. All within a few business days! Plus you can keep your exiting connection. You get the flexibility to change your call load without committing to a certain volume in a long-term contract. INVITE also has connections to many providers nationwide, so MCAT also allows Least Cost Routing (LCR) for our customers. No additional overhead. Let’s say one of your providers may have a lower domestic rate, but a higher rate to cell phones. The other may have a horrible domestic rate, but a lower rate to cell phones. The savings can disappear by having a second line.  No worries. INVITE has connectivity to both of your providers, so having a single MCAT connection allows you to have the lowest rates possible without any additional overhead.

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