Our Logo

The concept used to create the INVITE Communications logo.

Message Sequence Chart

The logo for INVITE Communications is based on the message sequence chart used to represent SIP communications. The purpose of using a Message Sequence Chart (MSC) is to provide a trace language for the specification and description of the communication behaviour of system components and their environment by means of message interchange. By using the MSC communication behaviour is presented in an intuitive and transparent manner, particularly in the graphical representation, the MSC language is easy to learn, use and interpret. In connection with other languages it can be used to support methodologies for system specification, design, simulation, testing, and documentation.

Sequence Elements

Isolating a few elements from the message sequence chart, we come up with the key parts used in the logo.

Extracted Parts

The extracted parts don't make actually represent a valid message sequence. But they do make the logo simpler.

Different Arrows

Changing one of the arrows, creates contrast. Showing that the messages in the sequence are different.

Adjusted Positions

Here we made some minor adjustments, moving the arrows closer. Centered on the lifeline of the message sequence chart.

Focal Point

Putting a circle around the condensed elements, brings focus to the arrows. Resulting in the INVITE Communications logo in it's basic form.

Adding Contrast

Filling the circle on the right side of the lifeline adds contrast, highlighting the unfilled arrow. Resulting in the abstract logo for INVITE Communications.