Call Forwarding Service is a convenient way to automatically transfer calls made to a domestic number in Japan to an overseas number at a affordable rate.

Useful for various business needs, customer support, technical support or reservations call center located in other countries.

By providing a 03 / 0120 / 0800 / 0570 / 050 number for each service or client, Invite offers a simple yet effective solution without the need for complicated network configurations.

※06 number is under preparation.

Cost Calculation Sample

Forward to Hong Kong with 03 Number
(simultaneous call: 1)

Monthly Cost Calling Charge
1,600×1=1,600 yen 9yen / 1min.
03 Number: 100×1=100 yen

Forward to Japan and Singapore with 03 with additional features
(simultaneous call: 1)

Monthly Cost Calling Charge
1,600×1=1,600 yen 9am - 8pm Terminated in Japan landline: 3yen / 1min.
03 Number: 1,600×1=1,600 yen 8pm - 9am Terminated in Singapore:9yen / 1min.

Forward to China and U.S. with Toll Free
(simultaneous call: 5)

Monthly Cost Calling Charge
1,600×5= 8,000 yen Terminated in China: 18yen / 1min.
Toll Free:2,000×1 = 2,000yen Terminated in U.S.: 8yen / 1min.
IVR Service:400yen
03 Number:100×2 = 200yen